Malawi - Chinongo - AAA - Fully Washed

Malawi - Chinongo - AAA - Fully Washed

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Chinongo zone, near the Mughese Forest Reserve - Malawi

SCA Cup Score: 85

Variety | Geisha & Nyika  AAA   Process | Fully Washed

Altitude | 1600 MASL  Harvest | 2018

Lime, Caramel, Soft Florals and Milk Chocolate


Chinongo wetmill is part of Misuku Cooperative Society. It is one of a few washing stations that form the coop in the Misuku region in northern Malawi. The mill processes an average of

110,000kg of coffee cherries per year sourced from 85 farmers of the Ndale tribe. These pro-ducers are subsistence farmers for whom coffee makes up most of the local economy. While

they also grow maize, beans, bananas & soya; coffee is still the only viable cash crop meaning these farmers rely on the income generated from premium specialty coffee to provide housing, food-security & schooling for their families.