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Roast Review

If you're a budding home roaster or a coffee roasting business, we'd be more than happy to taste your roasting. Since we want every coffee from us to taste as good as it can, you can send a sample of your roast to Zach for a cupping and analytical evaluation, free of charge! You'll get objective and professional feedback on your roast profile and any advice to improve if needed.

Send an email to and we'll let you know where and when to send your Total Roaster coffee sample to.



If you're starting a roastery or already run an established roastery and feel like you might need a hand, get in touch!

Zach has been in the coffee industry for nearly 10 years and working as a coffee roasting consultant for over 3 years focusing on green coffee buying, roastery workflow efficiency, setting up roasteries, quality control, product development & training.

Clients include:

Fortitude Coffee Roasters | Coffee Nexus | Dear Green Coffee Roasters | Difference Coffee | Now Coffee


White Label Roasting

If you're looking at selling roasted coffee but maybe don't want to invest in a commercial roaster just yet, or want to start your business without the hassle of roasting it yourself we also offer a white label roasting service.

Simply purchase your green coffee from us and we can roast it to your preference, bag it and send to you.

Our batches are roasted in 6kg batches so minimum order per product is 6 kg, we then also have to add £2.50 per kg for roasting and packing (+ shipping).

Then the rest is up to you!


To find out more for any of the above send an email to: